Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This September, I was contacted by Roaring Camp Railroad to organize a multi-agency adoption event to benefit the animal shelters in attendance.  I was all over it like vimto on my mum's brand new carpet when I was 8 (crap, guess she knows now).

Oh hell yes. 

Seriously: Redwoods, trains, and animals getting homes...I wasn't sure my brain could take it.  Too much awesome for one event.

Fur Babies from Heading Home Shelter
After just over a month of planning, the event went off without a hitch.  Heading Home Shelter in Boulder Creek,  Animal Shelter Relief Rescue , Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue and the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter all came out with their precious homeless animals and, I'm THRILLED to say, each rescue had adoptions!  Constance Chandlee, an incredible local artist who donates her entire proceeds to the Friends of Watsonville Animal Shelter (FOWAS) and also donated the poster art (poster designed by Whitney Wilde), brought her beautiful art works with the hopes of raising some money for animals in need.  The Honorable Dalmatian came out with her beautiful animal-related apparel, gifts, jewelry and proved extremely popular among a massive wedding party that came to enjoy the beautiful Roaring Camp surroundings. It's freaking gorgeous, in case you don't know. 

Costume Contest Winner, Paco
The proceeds of the raffle, costume contests and weenie bobbing contest (ever seen a pug in a neck brace dressed as a pumpkin standing in a trough of water trying to eat pieces of veggie dogs?) all went to the shelters, as did a personal donation from Roaring Camp Marketing Manager, Paul Nakamoto, and from The Honorable Dalmatian who gave a portion of her proceeds from the event. 

Liz Lange from Animal Hospital of Soquel  (who also took the fabulous photos on this page (and more here on their Facebook page) judged the costume contest and, let me tell you, I did NOT envy her position one bit.  During the costume contest, several times I felt the need to shield my eyes away from the overwhelming cuteness and uncontrollable adorability happening in front of me. It was...it was just too much. 

Here is a fantastic write-up of the event in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and here is a link to the write-up in Spotted Tails...and below is a photo that you will thank me for posting. 

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