Monday, August 8, 2011

Tony Foti Art Site Update

95% of the reason I enjoy maintaining is because, in doing so, I get to stare at some really incredible art for hours at a time.  IT. NEVER. GETS. OLD. Every time I revisit a painting, it never ceases to blow me away, I'm always noticing new details, heartfelt minutiae, exquisite pepperings of humor that I missed the first few times.  Also, he's my damn husband, so I get to watch these paintings grow from sketches to masterpieces, which is a pretty amazing process in of itself. 

I get roped into being a reference model for a lot of the paintings, which is both hilarious and terrifying (for instance: standing in the front yard wearing a black wig, holding a katana, while wearing an assortment of pots and pans, sun blinding me, trying to make an "intense" expression without laughing. The neighbors must think we're into some kinky business). Watching the painting manifest from "me pulling a weird face while festooned in scraps of fabric" to "Debris Spray" is's me, but it's not me at the same time. I should post some reference photos up here for a laugh. 

I recently had the pleasure of updating the site with BRAND NEW paintings of Star Wars characters for the new "Star Wars: The Card Game" set published by Fantasy Flight.  (Check out Han and Darth being all flashy in the demo set...wooo eee y'alls!)

I'm also trying to talk a certain Mr. Tony Foti into posting some tutorials and demos on the site, but being so in demand as he is, it might not happen for a good while yet. I'll have a go at him, then get back to you. 

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